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​PRESS RELEASE: Green River Media Announces Strategic Partnership with Akumina

Maidenhead, 7th May 2015 – Green River Media, a UK-based web design and development agency, has today announced a strategic partnership with Akumina to provide its client base with Akumina InterChange.

InterChange empowers content authors, information workers and site managers with Apps that expose only what they need to accomplish specific tasks without ever exposing them to SharePoint’s user interface. Akumina has also used its InterChange user experience framework to create specialized SharePoint Web Parts (InterChange Web Parts) which allow web developers and SharePoint architects to transform the experiences they can build on the platform from ordinary to extraordinary.

Renowned for being an excellent platform on which to build intranets, extranets and portals, SharePoint is used by over 70,000 organisations across the globe. Despite its widespread use, 63% of respondents to a recent AIIM survey report that their deployments of the platform are suboptimal.  Often SharePoint projects fail because of the poor user experience the platform offers out of the box.  With Akumina InterChange business users can accomplish content and site management tasks without ever being exposed to SharePoint’s bloated user interface. 

InterChange Web Parts are open source, built using responsive web design for mobile, and are easy to deploy, and extend. Business users can also modify any InterChange Web Part’s properties using InterChange Apps, rather than directly accessing the Web Part on the SharePoint page.

“As a top digital agency, our collective experience tells us there is significant need to deliver a business user experience that does not require knowledge the underlying platform the site is built on—especially when the underlying platform is as powerful SharePoint,” said Nej Gakenyi, CEO and founder of Green River Media. “That is why partnering with Akumina to enhance our service offering with InterChange was a no-brainer. For us it’s all about empowering the marketer, the content author and other stakeholders to take the reins on their web content management and to drive it in the direction they want it to go, without relying so heavily on developers and IT staff.”

“We are very excited to be partnering with Green River,” said Ed Rogers, Akumina CEO. “I am pleased that Nej and the team recognize the value InterChange offers their SharePoint clients and the business in general. It is great to have a well-respected agency, led by CMS industry veterans to go-to-market with in the UK.”

About Green River Media

Green River Media is an RAR rated Top 100 digital agency specialising in website and intranet design and implementation. As experts in Content Management Systems (CMS), its team boast a superlative portfolio of skills when it comes to building and developing sophisticated websites, collaborative intranets and extranets, and complex custom integrations. Experienced and accredited, its developers have a wealth of knowledge of multiple web CMS platforms including Kentico, Sitecore, Ektron, Umbraco, Drupal, WordPress, Magento and SharePoint. Green River Media is a Sitecore Certified Partner and Kentico Silver Partner with the third largest team of Kentico developers in the UK. It also has the largest number of experienced Ektron Application engineers and developers in Europe.

About Akumina

Akumina is a SharePoint web solutions company. Akumina’s user experience framework for SharePoint allows businesses to realize the full promise of SharePoint. With Akumina’s InterChange Apps business users can accomplish content and site management tasks without ever being exposed to SharePoint’s user interface. Akumina’s InterChange web parts simplify the creation, extension and management of SharePoint web parts and improve upon SharePoint’s default presentation and ensure mobile access via responsive design. Akumina allows CIOs to empower subject matter experts to manage their own content and business processes using SharePoint, on any device. With Akumina, organizations see increased return on their SharePoint investment while ensuring end-user adoption and eliminating the need for redundant content platforms.

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