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Firefly Learning Is Now Live!

Firefly Learning, founded in 2005, are a technology company that focuses on providing a virtual learning platform to hundreds of schools worldwide, including Eton College, Preston Manor and Tanglin Trust in Singapore. It is an online tool that promotes the unification of teachers, students and parents, by allowing them to set homework, track progress, share resources and engage parents.

This year, nominated at the one of the UK’s 33 Most Promising Tech Companies, the organisation is going from strength to strength. Alongside this, Firefly have been recognised as finalists in the industry Bett Awards for the past five years in a row.

Here at GRM, we have worked closely with Firefly Learning to develop their digital presence, including the redevelopment of their Homepage - the online ‘shop window’ to any organisations services or products.

Following a successful, punctual go live, you can see the results of here

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