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Freestyle Interactive

Freestyle Interactive is an international digital marketing agency, working with brand and corporate clients on digital marketing programmes in support of corporate communications, consumer marketing, and internal communications. They focus on the strategy and planning of digital marketing programmes, the design and build of the technology to deliver these programmes and the content and audience engagement that makes digital such a powerful communications tool. They execute integrated digital marketing programmes across paid, owned and earned digital channels.


The Challenge

When work comes in waves and there are peaks and troughs in demand, it can be difficult to manage technical resources through such a series of cycles. Freestyle Interactive were developing an in-house Digital Asset Management System which required full-time engineers to work on the project for a number of months. With their own developers busy working on client projects, Freestyle Interactive required some external software development assistance.

The Solution

Rather than employ external contractors for a set time period, Freestyle Interactive decided to hire Green River Media and create a small, dedicated team to work alongside Freestyle’s permanent employees to purely concentrate on the in-house product development, allowing Freestyle’s other technical teams to focus on client projects. 

 The Results

Green River Media increased Freestyle’s development capacity by providing a highly skilled, well-trained team at competitive rates. Many of Freestyle Interactive’s clients use their Digital Asset Management system to upload multiple digital files to a single platform, which get stored in a way that’s searchable to other users of the system. 

 What Freestyle Interactive said...

Green River Media were extremely flexible in their model which allowed us to pay for the resources as and when we needed them. With their Best-Shore capabilities, Green River Media offered an excellent value for money and helped keep our costs low. Their staff were all very experienced software engineers who were dedicated and results-driven. I would not hesitate in recommending Green River Media to other organisations who require additional technical resources on an ad-hoc basis.
Phil Morton, Operations Director at Freestyle Interactive