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End of Life (EOL): a term used with respect to a product supplied to customers, indicating that the product is in the end of its useful life


Over the past three years, we have helped countless Ektron clients with their migration onto other Content Management Systems. Organisations have major concerns focused around the rapid merger of the two entities, Ektron and Episerver, but we’re able to provide help and guidance when looking into the best and most cost-effective practice for migration. Options to stay with Episerver or to look into a new, better-suited CMSs are both available, but it is imperative that you select the best CMS for your organisation.


1000s of organisations have been directly affected by the merger in a number of different ways and you may have found that you are now facing the following anxieties;


  • Have you too been hit with the inconvenience of additional, unforeseen costs?


  • Will the support from Ektron continue as before, now that Episerver have taken control?


  • How long do you have left to act?


We have first-hand experience in helping in all of these areas, as experts in CMSs and the Ektron platform.


Where to, from here? Whether you’re looking at continuing with Episerver or considering new options, the redevelopment of your CMS and migration is imminent. We want to ensure that you have done your due diligence, as investing in the right CMS platform will determine your success over the next 3-5 years, at least.  We are a technologically agnostic agency and will, therefore, consider all CMS platform options available to you and we’re on-hand to offer advice and guidance, when selecting the right one.


If you still find yourself in the position of question or are unsure of which CMS path to take, we’re experienced in collaborating your requirements, in order to find the best fit. If you’d like to understand further how we helped other organisations migrate to a new CMS platform, and the best way to conduct this process, don’t waste any more time in contacting Green River Media for a free consultation.


You do not want to be in the same stagnant, uncertain position again in two years’ time.