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As a past Ektron Partner Green River Media have the largest number of experienced Ektron Application Engineers and Developers in Europe and have delivered more Ektron-driven solutions
than any other Ektron Partner.

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Ektron, an EPiserver product, has been the CMS platform of choice for more than 3,800 organisations worldwide enabling users, designers and developers to create, deploy and manage enterprise-scale websites in parallel. Its intuitive browser-based editor allows users to make content updates directly on the site, while the Framework API, pre-built .NET controls and standard development tools (e.g. Microsoft Visual Studio) speed up the development process. Ensuring site-wide brand consistency is made easy with Ektron’s wireframe facilities. 

In January 2015, Ektron and EPiserver announced their plans to merge providing “a new global digital experience leader of scale” which operates under the EPiserver name.

Is your website still running on Ektron?

Whether you need support with your existing Ektron CMS or are thinking of

migrating to a new platform, we can help.


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