Core features of a CMS

Here we’ve compiled a list of fundamental features every good content management system (CMS) should have. It’s all very well offering advanced marketing features, such as multivariate testing and so on, but it's worth bearing in mind that if it’s not easy to use it’s not going to do the job.

Analytics integration

  • Does the CMS integrate third party analytics such as Google Analytics, Omniture etc.?
  • Does it offer native analytics and real-time data?


  • Is the CMS and its features well-documented, providing users with sufficient support?


  • Does the CMS offer effective solutions for content classification, storage, search and retrieval?
  • Does the CMS integrate well with third party systems?


  • Can the CMS handle multiple sites in different languages?


  • Is metadata editable and automated?

Mobile support

  • Does the CMS support dedicated mobile sites as well as mobile responsive sites?
  • Does it allow users to preview how content will appear on a mobile device?

Performance and scalability

  • Can the CMS handle surges in traffic?
  • How well does it accommodate potential growth and an increase in requirements?


  • What security solutions does the CMS have in place to tackle potential security breaches?
  • Does it offer role-based permissions?


  • Does the CMS include optimisation features such as HTML code optimisation, metadata or friendly URLs?

Standards compliant

  • Is the CMS compliant with the standards set by W3C, HTML5 and/or CSS3?


  • Can users without technical experience easily navigate the CMS and perform tasks efficiently?

WYSIWYG editor

  • Is what you see when editing the site what you get in the final display?
  • Can users easily modify content and functionality within a page?

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