Akumina InterChange: SharePoint 2013 the way it should be

With a strong heritage in delivering content management system-based websites, intranets and extranets, Green River Media is Akumina's exclusive European Implementation Partner.
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Akumina is a SharePoint web solutions company enabling users to better manage SharePoint intranets, portals and websites. Recognising two key gaps in the SharePoint user experience, Akumina developed InterChange Apps and InterChange Web Parts to allow organisations to realise the full promise of SharePoint. With Akumina’s InterChange Apps business users can accomplish content and site management tasks without ever being exposed to SharePoint’s user interface. Akumina’s InterChange web parts simplify the creation, extension and management of SharePoint web parts and improve upon SharePoint’s default presentation and ensure mobile access via responsive design. Akumina allows CIOs to empower subject matter experts to manage their own content and business processes using SharePoint, on any device. With Akumina, organisations see increased return on their SharePoint investment while ensuring end-user adoption and eliminating the need for redundant content platforms.

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